Below are some resources that I found useful when working with data and performing analyses. There are some resources for Jekyll and Bootstrap, both of which I used to make this site.

Tools/resources/blogs for R

I use this to make RMarkdown pages before building them in Jekyll
RMarkdown syntax reference and examples of R Markdown documents, as well as an in depth discussion of various R Markdown topics.
A blog aggregator of content contributed by bloggers who write about R.
Jumping Rivers Blog
A very good blog site from a data/analytics consultancy/training outfit in the UK.

Data-centric tools and resources

“The tidyverse is an opinionated collection of R packages designed for data science.” Essential.


Official site
Jekyll home page. Features help, documentation, and news about Jekyll.
Stupid Simple Jekyll Deployment
I used this to send the changes to my web server, rather than FTP. It’s super simple and super fast.
A website with some tutorials about he R programming language, and other things.

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