Tutorial - make population pyramids with Queensland data

Apr 14, 2018 R, Tidyverse, ggplot, Tutorial, Epidemiology

In this tutorial I will use Queensland population data already downloaded from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and rearrange the data to produce population pyramids using ggplot. The population pyramid is one of the most popular methods to visualise population age structure. The method constructs a chart with each age group represented by a bar, and each bar ranged one above the other—youngest at the bottom, oldest at the top, and with the sexes separated—you get a simple shape.

Over recent years, the structure of populations has markedly changed, and the population pyramids have taken on more of a dome-like structure. This is nicely represented in the Queensland data. You can read more in the article from The Economist.

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An R tutorial to download and plot some Queensland population data

Apr 13, 2018 R, Tidyverse, ggplot, Tutorial


In this tutorial I will download Queensland population data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), tidy it up a bit, and plot some graphs with ggplot. The data in the spreadsheet are not in the most useful format so this tutorial will use tidyverse tools to manipulate the data into something a bit more useful.

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